🔌Connect your CRM

Leadbay connects to your CRM using .csv files and using Zapier connectors.

What is Zapier?

Zapier acts as a bridge that connects thousands of apps and services, automating workflows without the need for coding. It enables the creation of automated actions, known as Zaps, which trigger when specific events occur in one app, leading to an action in another app, all without human intervention.

Enabling Leadbay-Zapier Connection

To integrate Leadbay with Zapier, follow these steps:

  1. Access Invitation Link: Leadbay's Zapier connection is currently invite-only. Access the integration using this link: Leadbay Zapier Invitation.

  2. Accept the Invite: Click on the Accept Invite and Build a Zap button to proceed.

After you have enabled Leadbay-Zapier connection, you can create your Zaps - one to import CRM data to Leadbay, and another to export Leadbay data to your CRM.

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