🚀Quick Start

Leadbay is currently invite-only. Make sure that you've been invited or otherwise join our waiting list on https://leadbay.ai/

Step 1 - Tell us who you are

We'll first ask you for your name, e-mail and let you define a password. You'll then have to click on a link in an e-mail you'll get from us to verify it is really you. The usual stuff.

Step 2 - Tell us about your past wins

In order to personalize the experience for you, our AI needs a glimpse into your past to get a feeling of what relevant leads for you might look like.

Upload CSV

For this we need a CSV file with some past CRM data. It does not have to be perfect, or even complete. It can be a subset of what you have. The more the better, obviousely, but we'll work with what you give us.

Here are guidelines for generating a CSV from your CRM:

Map fileds

Every CRM calls things by different names, so we may need some help from you to understand what is what. Our AI will make an educated gess and we'll ask you to verify or correct the mapping.

The most imporant is the Status field, indicating that a Lead was won or lost for you. This is what will give our AI the general idea about what kind of leads tend to stick with you.

We'll also ask you to confirm how you call your statuses (trust us, you wouldn't beleive what names people give to their statuses).

Et voila! You'll see your first selection of leads corresponding to the criteria.

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