💝Understanding Wishlists

How Wishlists Work

Wishlists are defined dynamically, using criteria that are then constantly being matched against the ever growing (and changing) Leadbay database. As their situation changes (e.g. the size of the company changes), Leads may automatically get included in the selection or drop out of it.

The Basics

p.s. We are working on adding new cool criteria such as `lookalikesOf:Leadbay` or `competitorsOf:Leadbay`.

A Union of Several Criteria

Things get cool when you get to specify more then one criteria, e.g., sector: Financial Services , sector:Agriculture . Leadbay lets you select multiple criteria of the same type, e.g., sector, and understands that you looking for a union of possible matches, i.e. for leads who are in any one of the two sectors, either in Financial Services or in Agriculture.

An Intersection of Unions

Things get even more cool when you combine several types of criteria. Let's say that we want to add size:50-100 to our already defined union of sectors Financial Services and Agriculture .

It's pretty convenient for modeling commonly used real-life criteria.

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